Our first annual Broads With Rods Fishing Tournament for Women took place August 9, 2008 at Bastrop Marina in Freeport, Tx and was a huge success! It started out only as a thought, an idea, a dream. Something in my heart told me to rely on God for guidance. As I placed Him first in my life He let me know that every flood begins with one rain drop, every avalanche begins with one snowflake. And so did Broads With Rods Fishing Tournaments for Women. We began with 60 lady anglers. Who knows where God will take us but we are all so honored to be a part of something so magnificent. The magnificence of being a small blessing to our elderly citizens or to those that are less fortunate is what we are destined for. Thank you for being so supportive of our mission and for being that small blessing to others through your dedication and service but, just as important, thank you for believing in what we stand for.

After a prayer of Thanksgiving, Nora Argullin announced the winners receiving $300.00 each!

Largest Slot Red: Mickye WIlson-7.10 lbs

Largest Trout: Amanda Sandrige-2.9 lbs

Largest Flounder: Janice Huddleston-3.34 lbs

Fun Pot Winners recieving $95.00 each:

Largest Hardhead: Samantha Garcia (our youngest lady angler from Waxahachi)-1.43 lbs

Largest Croaker: Kayla Morgan-.79 oz.

Hard Luck: Stephanie Asari

Our Sponsors:

Megan Bayne-Hometown Bank of Friendswood FM 528

JAN Commercial Cleaning Service, ALvin, Tx

Bastrop Marina, Freeport, Tx

David WIley, Alvin, Tx

Gary Kocurek, Alvin, Tx

Orville Hawthorne, Demi John Island

Gary Westbrook, Demi John Island

Chris Schutzi, Demi John Island

Albert Chapa, Houston, Tx

Matthew Moody, Pearland, Tx

More Information

Call us for information on our 5th Annual Broads With Rods Fishing Tournament at 713-299-3037, follow us on facebook or email us at broadswithrods@yahoo.com.